Individual Coaching / 1-2-1 Coaching

Maximize your personal and professional efficiency and improve your performance.

If you wish to develop your leadership skills, and improve your relationships and power of influence on the people in your organisation, coaching is for you.

Coaching is a process where, working hand-in-hand with the coach, you will discover the real potential of people. It will potentiate your ability to focus, prioritize, delegate, motivate your team, manage conflict and overcome any challenges that may affect you as an individual or as part of a team. Furthermore, coaching will allow you to successfully manage change.

Coaching can help you in identifying and overcoming limitations, improving your emotional management skills, and feeling happier and more motivated at work.

In addition, coaching can help you put into practice new perspectives and new behaviours that will allow you to progress towards your objectives. It is a process that motivates you to reach your personal and professional goals. Throughout the sessions, you will acquire consciousness and commitment to a plan of action that you will start during the process and will continue once the process has finalised. All sessions take place in a framework of confidentiality.

Team Coaching

Increase the effectiveness of your team.

Team coaching is the solution to enhancing the effectiveness of your team and supporting your team in reaching the targeted results in a collective and sustainable manner.

Coaching can help in generating consciousness in the team to be able to achieve collective goals. It is therefore essential to work in an environment of trust, where I participants can express themselves freely and without fear of judgement, so that all points of view can be taken into consideration and valued, resulting in the creation of commitment and responsibility to contribute to a common goal.

In team coaching there are no hierarchies. We make a clear distinction between hierarchies from the roles and responsibilities assigned to each individual within an organisation. This reinforces the belief that we are all important and that our contributions add value and should be equally considered in the organisation.

Team Coaching can help in:

  • 1

    Ensuring that the team works with an effectiveness that is sustainable in time.

  • 2

    Identifying the levers to allow for development in the team.

  • 3

    Establishing action plans and acquiring commitment.

It elevates competencies such as teamwork and motivation, increases creativity and helps in managing change collectively.

In the process, we identify a starting point by performing a team diagnosis – Where is the team currently at? From this starting point, we explore the expectations that would like to be achieved. Objectives can range from:

Enhancing creativity.

Improving communication.

Improving relationships.

Managing conflict.

Accepting diversity.

Aligning team members.

To understand which path to follow, we can use diagnosis tools such as TDA (Team Diagnostic Assessment) from Team International or CLA (Collective Leadership Assessment) from The Leadership Circle.