Sales Team Coaching

Achieve your personal and / or professional goals.

Technical product knowledge are highly valued among salespeople in any industry, but this needs to go hand in hand with the most appreciated personal skills in the business world: listening skills, effective communication, empathy, trust, perseverance, honesty, proactivity for the salesperson means anticipated commercial actions such as discounts, alternative services or even looking for complementary products or services for the customer, patience and insistence to develop resilience to frustration and, finally, planning and organization.

Before starting the process of coaching, the head of the company has to set development goals with the coach and the clients (employees).

The Coaching of sales teams is able to align the goals on three sides: company, team and salesperson, in order to improve the confidence of salespeople allowing them to establish long-term trust-based relationships with the customer. This is achieved when the salesperson is truly focused on the customer and stops paying attention to the problems that may arise during the process. It also seeks to improve initiative and proactivity, increase creativity and innovation, achieve more effective communication and, above all, increase motivation.

Sales Team Coaching

Improve the self-confidence of sales people allowing them to have long-term customer relationships built on trust.

Individual Executive Coaching

New perspectives and new behaviours which will significantly speed up progress towards the client’s goals.

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